Polyboot.B Virus

Also known as Wyx.C




Polyboot.B is a polymorphic virus that infects boot sectors on local hard disks and floppy disks. It carries no payload; this may result into destruction of fat 32 partitions while infecting them. This virus doesn’t have other drawbacks apart from FAT32 partition Destruction.


Technical Details


Wyx.C (b) decreases the total memory available to DOS applications by 2kb once activated and then loads itself at the top of the memory (at the 638K limit).


On later stage It starts infecting master boot record (MBR) and the Disk Boot Sector (DBS) of the first active partition on the local hard disk.


Wyx.C (b)  Which is known as a memory-resident virus , Wyx.C (b)   virus checks periodically for uninfected boot sectors (using the timer interrupt which is activated about 18.7 times per second) on any floppy disk in drive A or on the local hard disk (MBR or DBS of first active partition).


Due to bugs in the virus it may:


Overwrite part of the display memory during execution. This may cause garbled data to appear at the top of the screen. Damage or destroy FAT32 partitions when infecting them.


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